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Custom Training Videos - Perfect for Your Business Needs

Custom Training Videos

Video walkthrough tutorial from $990+GST

A step-by step guide for new starters, showing them how to use bespoke programs, eg: Salesforce, Xero etc.


Video walkthrough tutorial produced to your specifications offering self-paced learning for starters, refresher training for existing staff and for new programs, new program features or for new procedures and new equipment.

New starter onboarding, WHS and evacuation videos from $790+GST

Onboarding, WHS and evacuation videos produced to your specifications and unique workplace.


Our training videos are tailored specifically to your workplace and to your policies and culture.  

We offer bespoke onboarding, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), and evacuation videos produced to your unique specifications.  

Elevate your workplace training and safety initiatives with our comprehensive product overview. 

Custom Training Videos
Custom Training Videos

Animated explainer videos from $990+GST

Simplifying Complex Concepts for Effective Learning.


Explore the world of animated explainer videos, a powerful tool designed to make complex concepts easy to understand.  

Our animated explainer videos are crafted to help your audience grasp knowledge that may not always translate well in a traditional video format.  

Online short courses from $990+GST

Online short courses offer versatility and flexibility for an adult learning audience.

We will work with you to design courses that  build specific knowledge, skills or expertise strengthening proficiency among your employees or adding value to your members or customer base.

We can set up your learning management system or we can work with you to develop materials suitable for self-publishing.

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Jingles and soundtracks $490+GST

Our music design team can provide you with your very own music theme/audio signature to introduce videos, podcasts and events.

We can also work with you to develop jingles and other music compositions to further advance your brand.

We have a large range of talented musicians and singers to make your dream come true.

The best thing about having your own songs is that you will never have content blocked on YouTube or other platforms.

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Policy and procedure document development from $790 + GST

We work with you to map set policy and procedure documents to ensure your employees have the right tools to operate efficiently, consistently, and in compliance with relevant laws and business practices.

This package includes a review of existing documents and streamlining them into consistent user-friendly and fail-safe knowlege articles.


The service including authoring and visual design of fact sheets, how-to-gudes and quick reference guides from $790 per production block.


  • Why create training videos?
    Producing a training video stands out as the most effective means of imparting information. While face-to-face training holds its significance, it may not always be feasible or essential. Training videos provide employees with information in a memorable manner and at a considerably lower cost compared to in-person training. Additionally, training videos are well-suited for remote employees.
  • Are training videos effective?
    Training videos are remarkably effective in information retention, with individuals retaining up to 95% compared to just 10% with text. They are particularly valuable for geographically dispersed companies, eliminating the need for in-person training sessions.
  • Can you help with scriptwriting and content development for our training video?
    Absolutely! Our team of experienced scriptwriters and content developers can collaborate with you to create engaging and informative scripts tailored to your training objectives. Whether you have a rough idea or need comprehensive content development, we're here to ensure your message is effectively conveyed in the video.
  • How long does it take to produce a training video?
    The production timeline for a training video can vary depending on factors such as video length, complexity, and the level of customization required.
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