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Training Videos

Our training videos are tailored specifically to your workplace and to your policies and culture.  

We offer bespoke onboarding, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), and evacuation videos produced to your unique specifications.  

Elevate your workplace training and safety initiatives with our comprehensive product overview. 

Customised for Your Workplace

Our videos are meticulously crafted to match the distinct characteristics and requirements of your workplace. We understand that each workplace is unique, and our videos reflect your specific needs. 


Seamless Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process for new employees with engaging and informative video content. Our onboarding videos help new hires quickly integrate into your workplace culture, policies, and procedures. 


Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

Prioritise the health and safety of your workforce with our WHS videos. We cover essential safety protocols and guidelines, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and fostering a secure working environment. 


Evacuation Preparedness

Ensure your employees are prepared for emergencies with our evacuation videos. We provide clear, step-by-step guidance on evacuation procedures, helping everyone in your workplace understand their roles in ensuring a safe exit. 


Compliance Assurance

Stay in complete compliance with relevant workplace regulations and standards. Our videos are designed to align with the latest guidelines, giving you confidence that your training materials are up to date.


Expert curation 

All training videos are curated by our expert learning designer with over 20 year’s experience developing education, policy and procedure products for small, medium sized and large organisations including many government agencies. 

Our learning designer is an expert in the field of adult learning and an accredited WHS and Mental health first aider, in which many of our clients have found great value.  

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