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Online short courses

Online short courses are a cost-savings solution to cover knowledge gaps in your workplace.

People learn better when they are able to undertake self-paced courses.

Our short courses offer interactivity encourage self-learning.

Self-paced learning offers fexibility

Your employees can learn in their own time, without disrupting productivity. We will work with you to make sure you get maximum engagement to drive measurable learning outcomes.


On the job compliance

We can develop short courses that employees can use as an induction before using new equipment or new digital products.

Pass/fail information can be set to report directly to supervisors for seamless onboarding.



These course are designed to be easily updated so that information can always be current.


Break the language barrier

Our interactive learning design reaches people of all languages, making sure your learning outcomes are met by a broad audience.



Our online courses are designed so that they can be easily scaled to accommodate a growing workforce.

Whether you have ten or a thousand employees, you can provide them with access to the same training materials.



Self-paced learning gives your employees autonomy in learning and builds confidence and morale amongst team members.

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